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Portal for extra zones and places. The Where?! is getting important again: The address leads to a virtual place where you can order at an physical location with real yummy pizza and wine. Xtr covers both realms: Analogue and virtual, online and offline, geographical and digital, local and global. Consequently we are bridging the gap between both worlds. Zones can be both: Living places and metaverse spaces, shopping areas on the internet and downtown, production sites for things and cloud platforms for services. Dive deeper into geographical zones and virtual places via our extra glocal portal: Search and find zones, places and spaces, domains and areas of special interest.
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Find the best zones and places

The world is full of extreme places and zones. Beside the usual shopping, work and living areas we have vast spaces of extreme beauty, sometimes in the neigbhourhood and more often at regions we have to travel to. Smart travellers explore online where they intend to go to in person. Social spaces are key places for the many: Restaurants, bars, parties, stadiums, even walking crowdy streets, visiting lively markets is obviously a hidden hobby of the most of us.
Trands are changing these days: The metaverse claims its existence and wants to become a major part of today´s society. Still time to claim your plot and become property owner. The Xtr portal is designed for being an exclusive gateway to analogue and virtual locations in one. | Wandering in different realms and even between the "world" one need this for certain: Privacy and security. The many interfaces, the many involved companies (terms and legal policies) are simply tricky and - similar to the physical world - there are high profile hackers that want to harvest and sell personal data.

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Find places that matter

Shopper have different places to go nowadays: Supermarkets, street markets, malls, brand shops & boutiques, online malls like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and the upcoming metaverse stores. They try to give us a similar experience as in the physical world and even better while we can do it at home or anywhere else.
Brands are also "places" followers think of sports, cars, media: What happens when your friends says: "Phone!" Your brain shows your Samsung or your iPhone? Same with "Sportscar!" - What do you "see"? Porsche, Mustang or Ferrari? Places in our mind. Mostly something extreme: Extremely expensive or super cheap if not for free. That´s why Xtr loves fair benchmarking: Same thing but for everyone, for the savers and for those with luxury budgets.

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Which location did you visit recently and what is the benefit?

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Geographical regions and political countries

Most of us have to stick to a town or city as because of work, kids and other good reasons. This has started to change since a couple of decades and is again pushed by modern working from home policies. Twitter became one of the leading brands that guaranties this for life-time. The globally available internet allows a new mobility even beyond political borders. The deconstruction of political borders is again a sign of this time. Japan and its huge corporations have a fluctuation industry and several little Tokyos in some western countries where employees live for a few years before going back. Dubai presents itself as a new global hub and business center between the western and asian worlds. | Domains can be names on the internet and areas people or political bodies own or claim.

Which place and zone is your favourite and why?

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Places of events & great experiences

Do you need media to experience great moments? Oder is your POV already ultra exciting? Families learn that Disney Worlds are places to go to. But: Ask kids, they just want to be with mom and dad, no matter if at the beach, on the mountain or riding bike at home. Lifestyle events have certain places depending on the topic: Want to show and see great cars? Want to learn latest fashion trends in Paris, Milano, New York or Tokyo? Great tastings while on safari in South Africa? Go Stellenbosh with famous wines and wineries.
Xtr places delivers locations with inspiring stories on-site, by blog and vlogs. Creators from all over the world are welcome. | Choose whom you want to impress? Your dog? Your family? Important business partners or your staff? For some regions we provide TOP10 locations for different occasions. | You are an event provider? Have some test offers? Let us know to get you promoted.

Send us your experience or an inspiring story source.


Special zones and extreme places

Exciting by nature: Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Impressive structure in famous city: Eiffeltower in Paris (France). The Metaverse 20 years ago: Second Life. Singles shopping unlimited: Alibaba. Internet unlimited: Free WiFi zones. Lagest living place of the world: Istana Nurul Iman Palace. Speed junky country with no limits on highways: Germany. The list of awesome places you can travel to in person and virtually is too long for this page but the many Xtr posts are there to make your day every day.

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Zones for business

Property brokers are welcome! This is the perfect Xtr zone to learn the many options with us: Virtual plots and estates for sale and rent. Real estate suppliers with surprising prices and spots, on land, water and sometime high up. Cloud homes, sky condos and real space apartments are more virtually than physically at the moment. But at xtr.news/property you will be one of the first getting to know new living options. | Known influencer will network here and expand their reach. | Offer events at places and in areas that people don´t want to forget. | Business class locations help to think through in relaxing and inspiring chalets, yachts and villas. | Have fun spaces? Create locations with wow experiences? Let us know. Maybe we come or send as many as possible of Xtr followers ;)

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